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BSR Home Inspection is proud to offer our customers a variety of inspections to service your specific needs.  Whether you're buying or selling a home or just needing a third party option,  BSR takes pride in our inspections, giving you the best inspection at the best price.  In order to give every customer the devotion they deserve, BSR does not schedule more than 2 home inspections a day per inspector.  To learn more, click on the inspection below to see if it is right for you!

buying a home with bsr home inspection
Buyer inspection

Thinking about buying a home?  Don't let making the biggest investment turn into a nightmare.  Let BSR guide you through the home inspection making sure you have a safe and stable home to.



Selling a home with bsr home inspection
Seller Inspection

Selling your home?  Be one step ahead of the market and learn how inspecting your home before listing can help expedite your sale.




new home inspection, new construction inspection, home warranty inspection
home check-up inspection bsr home inspection
New Construction Inspection

Defects and safety issues are a concern!  Defects

and safety issues come in all things new, old,

and in between.  New construction inspection confirms everything is finished before you and your family move in.



Home Check-up Inspection

Better than additional insurance!  Stopping a problem before it starts is a great way to minimize the damage and save money in the long run. Keeping a eye on your investment when you're not able to, yearly or quarterly,  BSR is here.


5 point inspection with bsr home inspection
5 Point Inspection

Needing insurance?  Today, many insurance agencies are requesting that an inspection be done before writing a policy.  Learn more about what sets a 5 pt. inspection apart from a normal inspection.



radon inspection with bsr home inspection
Radon Inspection

20/20 vision, culinary taste, k-9 sniffer?

These are no help when it comes to a radioactive gas know as radon. Radon being a odorless, tasteless, and  invisible gas is a serious matter!



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