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5 Point Inspection

What is a 5 Point Inspection?

-A 5 point Inspection is a basic description of your home's major component conditions often requested by the home's insurance company.

What is included in a 5 Point inspection?

-A 5 Point Inspection includes an evaluation of a home's roofing condition, window condition, HVAC condition, electrical condition, and plumbing conditions.  See more at Items Inspected 

More About 5 Point Inspection

-Most insurance companies request a home inspection on homes older than 25 years of age before writing a policy.  Each insurance company has their own type of inspection report they will accept.  BSR urges you to check before hiring a inspection to be done. A  copy of our 5 point inspection can be downloaded in our sample report selection to verify compatibility with your insurance company.

Can I use my Home Inspection Report?

-(NO) Insurance companies will not accept a full detailed inspection report, only a basic evaluation of the key components in order to make their evaluations.  If you have purchased a home inspection from BSR prior to the purchase of your home, BSR will gladly convert the necessary information over to a 5 point inspection report free of charge. 

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