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Buyer Inspection

What is a Buyer Inspection?

-A Buyer Inspection is a full detailed home inspection done for those interested in buying a home often before closing. 

What is included in a buyer inspection?

-A Buyer Inspection consists of over 275 key components being evaluated, checked for safety, function, and condition.  See more at Items Inspected 

Thinking about buying a home?

-Buying a home can be a very exciting yet stressful experience to many first time buyers or even repeat buyers.  Often, buyers are pressured into not having a home inspection or simply feel they do not need one.  Having a home inspection done before you close can reveal many defects as well as reveal serious safety hazards that could potentially harm or cause harm to you or your family.

-Many homeowners or realtors are unaware of safety & structural issues that may exist in the home during the sale; therefore, they would not be liable for any issues arising after the sale.  That is why it is so important to have the house professionally inspected before making that lifelong commitment.

Can a Buyer Inspection save me money?

-(YES) Identifying any defects or safety hazards present in the home gives you the option to negotiate the closing price or request those items be fixed before closing.

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