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Seller Inspection

What is a Seller Inspection?

-A Seller Inspection is a full detailed home inspection done for those interested in selling a home often before or after listing. 

What is included in a Seller Inspection?

-A Seller Inspection consists of over 275 key components being evaluated, checked for safety, function, and condition. Much the same as a Buyer Inspection except you have control of what to fix or let go. See more at Items Inspected 

Thinking about selling a home?

-Selling a home can be a lot of fun, until a potential buyer comes along and purchases a home inspection, only to learn the house has too many issues and walks way.  Don't give the buyers the upper; hand put yourself above the market.  Having a seller inspection gives you control of what you want to fix and what you are willing to negotiate on.  Whether you decide to fix your home or not having a home inspection gives all parties the knowledge to make a quicker response, saving you and the buyers time during the sale.

Can a Seller Inspection save me money?

-(YES) Identifying any defects or safety hazards in the home gives you the option to repair or replace items at your leisure. Fixing any issues that are present gives you the advantage of closing at a strong price with fewer negotiations.

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