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Home Check-up Inspection

What is a Home Check-up Inspection?

-A Home Check-up Inspection is a full detailed home inspection done for those interested in maintaining their current home or to evaluate the home's current condition. 

What is included in a Home Check-up inspection?

-A Home Check-up Inspection consists of our standard inspection, then quarterly or yearly follow-ups to monitor key components (Windows, Roofing, Electric, HAVC, and Plumbing) for wear or signs of damage. See more at Items Inspected 

Own a home?

- Our home should be a place to relax and not worry.  Did you know your home is constantly changing with each season that comes and goes.  Home maintenance or home inspection can be hard to schedule with today's busy routine.   It is very important to monitor key components quarterly or annually.  Identifying problems or issues before they start is a great way to prevent costly repairs down the road.  With BSR Home Check-up Inspection we take the worry out of monitoring your home.  Many times home owners are caught un-aware that a problem exist until it's too late.  With quarterly or yearly check-ups, home owners can prepare and budget for items needing to be repaired or replaced.


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