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New Construction Inspection

What is a New Construction Inspection?

-A New Construction Inspection is a full detailed home inspection done for those needing to verify the contractor has completed the home before taking possession. 

What is included in a New Construction inspection?

-A New Construction Inspection consists of the standard 275 key components inspection as well as a home warranty follow-up inspection and construction stage monitoring.  See more at Items Inspected 


More about New Construction Inspection?

-Material defect, safety hazards, and human errors should not be taken lightly, especially when you're buying or building a new home.  Although many of today's building contractors offer a new home warranty for the first 1-2 years, some defects and safety hazards could not show up until after your warranty has expired, leaving you to deal with the problem.  BSR offers many different services under the New Construction Inspection from monitoring each stage of the construction to the last inspection before your warranty expires.

Can a New Construction Inspection save me money?

-(YES) Identifying defects or safety hazards before taking possession eliminates costly repairs should they arise after the home warranty expires.  New Construction inspection save untimely repairs with the contractor should repairs be needed during the home's warranty period. 

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